Web & Graphic Designer | designer@anamargaridamota.com

I deliver original concepts that bring out your full potential.

Along my professional path I had the opportunity to work with clients that had different goals. From service websites to independent professionals, from corporate websites to small and medium sized companies, I have done a little bit of everything.This variety allowed me to contact with different subjects, styles and data with different solutions which means that I am comfortable working with different solutions.

From layout to programming, from software to a platform more suitable for the project, all components are thourougly considered in close proximity to my clients.

The result is effective communication at the building of a clear, productive and lasting online relationship between you and your clients.

Knowing that mobile internet access now exceeds traditional methods in a large number of regions of the world, my sites are adaptable to all screens and sizes.

Here are some examples of projects that have challenged me and I grew up and learned on my route.


Milu Cleto – Mary Kay Portugal

Website | Milu Cleto | Mary Kay Portugal


Projekt Planning

Website | Consulting Company



Website | Car inspection centre


Pepe & Oliva

Website | Restaurant


O Poleiro

Website | Restaurant


Jardim Económico

Website | Landscaping company.

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