Web & Graphic Designer | designer@anamargaridamota.com

I create original concepts allied to the image
and the potential that you want to transmit.

I’m keen to create graphic materials for established brands and big corporations as well as for NGOs, small businesses and individual clients. We all have our mark to leave on the world and my role is to make yours as visible, identifiable and appealing as possible.

Through meticulous research and a close exchange of ideas with the client, I diligently devote myself to all aspects of the projects I develop – every detail counts. Even if you don’t perceive it on a conscious level, the truth is that colours, fonts, layouts, and formats invariably trigger sensations, messages, associations of ideas or concepts that say a lot about who we are, what we have to give and whom we can reach.

I keep myself up-to-date on the most recent design tends so as to deliver to my clients a fresh, current, competitive and engaging image.

Here are some projects I’ve dedicated myself 100% to and that were deeply rewarding to me.


Gold Compass

Logo and stationery


Gold Compass

Four-fold brochure



Flyer and Publicity



Logo and stationery


Town Hall of Belmonte

Logo and stationery


Alvalade Mobile

Logo and stationery

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